Jul 4, 2016


Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Malaysia
Hi guys!

Today I'm gonna be doing a review on one of the colourpop liquid lipsticks that I recently bought (and currently obsessed with). It's the ultra matte liquid lipstick from Colourpop in the shade Chi!! So a lil bit information for those who don't know..Colourpop has teamed up with Karrueche Tran, a model, i believe? correct me if I'm wrong. I honestly don't know who the hell heaven she is, look I can't even pronounce her name right. I even had to google the spelling, like, no kidding. But guys, admit it. She is insanely gorgeous.

 "The colors that I chose are everyday, natural tones," she told Elle. "The shades look great on any skin color." - Karrueche

Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick - Chi

Alright so I'm gonna make it crystal clear here that I don't do hand swatches. Idk why but I just don't like to get all messy and waste my wet tissues lol i'm really really sorry abt that. Plus i don't think hand swatches would show the exact same shades with lip swatches. Maybe slightly close but still. Idk tho, just my opinion. (or maybe bcs i have too many visible veins on my hands lmao)

So before I begin, let's give you some application tips on how to wear this liquid lipstick. (oh by that i mean let's copy from somewhere..bcs again, I'm lazy). You can get it straight from Colourpop website but for your viewing pleasure, I'll paste it down here.

Step 1: Make sure your lips are bare and dry! 
Step 2: Apply matching lip pencil for a precise and perfected application. 
Step 3: Apply Ultra Matte Lip with the applicator or your favorite lip brush. 

**For smoothest finish always exfoliate your lips first! This thin and lightweight formula glides onto the lips smoothly and leaves SUPER intense pigment-rich colour with a bold, ultra matte look. It's very long wearing and completely kiss proof! We suggest storing these babies upright and shaking before application!

So this is how it looks like when I'm facing the sun (as in, the window). Oh I'm so in love with the colour! It's slightly lighter than what I expected it to be, for which i'm grateful. I'm not into dark lipsticks tbh because i dont think they'd suit my skin tone - the same reason why I didn't buy the other 2 lipsticks in Kaepop collection.

It looks so natural on your lips, and very light weight you guys, like, you can barely notice it's even there. Plus the nude shade has always been my favourite, so I'm being a tad bit biased here. One thing about colourpop is, it doesn't dry out my lips, even the ultra matte ones. Idk if it's just me tho, bcs some people say the ultra matte are just too dry for them. But if you've read my previous entry, you know I was struggling with matte lipsticks at one point of my life. So colourpop has been a blessing in disguise. 

Oh if you have really dry lips, i suggest you to wear some lip balm prior to application. I think it'll look just great. The formula is quiet creamy but not as thick, also not too runny. Almost the same formula as the high-end ones, but at lower price point. Plus, some say this colour is a dupe for Kylie Lip Kit - Dolce K. So it's a win-win-win! 

Pic credit to : stayglam
See! I can barely tell the difference. So, tell me if you still wanna waste $29 on KLK :P I still haven't bought any KLK yet, but I'd like to. Hmmmmm 

*calculating beauty budget*
or maybe not.
<insert crying clip here>

Colourpop Kaepop Chi Swatch Review Malaysia

Pls excuse my messy bronzer -__- I dont know why it looks so weird in this picture but not the other pictures. andd I didn't wear any concealer in this picture so, pls expect some blemishes. Whatever. As you can clearly see from the picture above, it has a matte finish but not as dry as crayon lipsticks. It looks so good in pictures, like a perfect nude colour. But no guys, no. It doesn't look like mac velvet teddy, which is slightly peachy, it's actually waaay darker. If you watch the reviews from youtube, the colour might also be slightly different, depending on what camera they're using, or the lighting. So the colour varies accordingly.

Not fair if I only show you the colour when I'm facing the sun, so here's the 'indoor' colour. (yup, i faced away from the window, if you dont get me). A lil bit darker, doesnt it? and the tone is way much cooler. Not cool as in cool. I mean cool cool. So overall rating? 9/10 bcs I love it! If you dont, just play around with it. Try mixing it with other colours, sure you wont regret! Have you ever bought any colourpop lipsticks? So you like ultra matte or ultra satin better? Thanks for reading! :)

P/S : Oh guys! don't support fake products pls. It's so sad to see that there are colourpop inspired ones sold at RM8-RM15. Some claim it's ori. There's no way it can be cheaper than the official website! lmao. If the price is too good to be true, DON'T BUY! There are sooo many fake products nowadays, the latest i know is Jeffree Star. Oh pls. They also have fake Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick (ABH). So pls beware guys, don't get cheated. The formula is not nearly as good I believe. Haven't tried tho but from the look of it, in pictures, you can tell.

NS xx

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