Jun 23, 2016


Assalamualaikum Lovelies!

It's been so long since I updated my blog....geez, forget it. There I go again, syasya and her cliche intro. Can you not pointing out the obvious, syasya? it's been too long since you took care of your blog.       (read : lazy)

Time passes by..people change. So do i. My life has been super duper hectic lately. So I only have this teeny tiny little amount of time to even write a blog post. Frustrating, I know. But that doesn't mean I couldn't spend some time pampering my face, right? right??? So here comes the joke..an easter haul blog post, written 10 years later. Ok joke aside, it's been almost 3 months since easter ended, ha-ha. My sincere apologies from the deepest of my hypothalamus. So as the title says, Easter haul!! what's more exciting than a make-up haul review (flip hair scarf). So are you ready to dig into my shopping bag? Let's!

 I don't celebrate Easter guys..so no Easter eggs lol

So today I'm going to be doing a review on this Daisy Pop Art Edition EDP by Marc Jacobs, MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Morning Rose, and Estee Lauder Holiday Gift Set Blusher. I've bought some make-up essentials from Estee Lauder and body care ranges from Bath & Body Works too, but they both deserve a special blog post because I think this post will gonna be too long if i dare to include them in. (I'm talking history textbook long)

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume Review (Pop Art Edition), gorgeous perfume bottle
Daisy Pop Art Edition EDP by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Pop Art Edition Marc Jacobs 

Seriously girls, I'm so in love with this perfume! It smells amazing, amazing. Like you are surrounded by tons of flowers, the smell is just as lovely as it looks. Initially, I just wanted to buy this perfume for the packaging sake. Just because the bottle looked fab on the glass rack at Sephora, and that this is a limited edition Daisy so I told myself why not? I didn't really mind about the smell tho. I just wanted the georgeous bottle, that was it. Little did I know..I 'll end up loving the smell. Have I ever told you this?- I've been a perfume bottle collector since high school. Haha. Weird, I know.

But! This one doesn't smell like the classic Daisy, which I hate the most. Well, not that I hate it because it smells awful. But there's no uniqueness to the smell. Like you can smell it almost everywhere, from the supermarket, shopping mall, office, even the diva wannabes also smell the same, yup, they smell like Marc Jacobs Daisy. I dont say they're all wearing MJ Daisy though, but some perfume dupes especially the Dubai ones somehow can imitate this perfume really well. But the one I bought here is totally different! I'm sure you'll like it. I'll include the link at the end of my blog post if you'd like to try it out :) 

Rating : 8/10

Update : I tried to smell my classic MJ Daisy again (which is obviously an empty bottle) and compared to this one, dissappointedly I FOUND the resemblance. Well, a bit. But I love the pop art one better so cheers!

Authentic MAC Lipstick Malaysia (cremesheen finish) in Morning Rose
MAC cremesheen Lipstick

MAC Cremesheen in Morning Rose  

Well, first of all. I'm not a huge fan of lipstick. I like lip tints better, or sometimes I just wear a lip gloss when I'm outside. Because yeah, back to reality- I'm a full time student so I feel like a crap if I wear 3-inch make-up everyday to uni. Especially a chili red lipstick. No. Just NO. Not a crime but not my thing i guess. But I do enjoy wearing lipstick though, in some occassions or maybe whenever i feel like it. Then suddenly over the past year (until now, i believe) there's this Matte Lipstick obsession like OMG IM GONNA GET ONE FOR MYSELFFF. But the sky isn't always blue, my lips dried out so much from wearing it. I'm pretty sure I never had super dehydrated + chapped lips my entire life except after my enthusiasm of wearing matte lipsticks. GUESS WHAT. My lips got super dry and chapped you can never imagine so I decided not to wear any Matte finish lipstick ever again. EVER. (not until i found my true love..colourpop lip matte. Well, that would be up on another blog post i guess?)

Oh, oh oh! back to the main point. Sorry I mumbled a lot. Alright so what's with MAC? I LOVE IT SO MUCH JUST DONT ASK ME WHY. If you're a make up lover, you sure know why MAC lipsticks never go out of style. The colour is just georgeous but I forgot to take a picture of me wearing it. I'll update later. The colour is just georgeous, just what I want. Not too bright but there's this glitter element called cremesheen and it's like melting on your lips making an elegant looking finish to this baby. Andd what i like the most about Mac is it smells divine. It smells like vanilla, and oh everyone knows I have this crazy crush on vanilla, from vanilla perfume to vanilla ice cream- if that makes sense. What's not to love, peeps?

Gorgeous gold colour blusher, Estee Lauder Long Lasting Blusher
Estee Lauder Holiday Gift Set Blusher

Estee Lauder Deluxe All-Over Face Compact

YUP, that was me taking photo using my iPhone LOL. I think I need a courtesy of my face to make a review on this blusher. Because there are 4 colours, and they're all georgeous, you need to see to believe! Estee Lauder has been my favourite since I was a kid. Fret not, since I was 4 or 5 if I'm not mistaken. I was one of those kids that love messing around with their mums' make-up. Yup, that was me as a kid. Now I'm not anymore. Yass girl bcs I have my own. Duh!

The colour of these blushers are totally to-die-for (especially Peach Passion). When you hear EL from my mouth, just know that you'll not gonna hear bad things about it. It is so flippin' pigmented, you definitely couldn't ask for more. Say you wear it at 8am, don't be surprise if at 8pm the blush will gonna show the same opacity on your chubby cheeks. It lasts forever lmao. I love it! I've never found any blusher that's more pigmented than this, if you do, leave your comment and  lemme know? :) 

P/S : Don't tell me Milani baked Blush in the shade Luminoso cuz that's absolutely my all-time favourite!

This Face Compact is a win-win. There are 3 different shades to choose from; code 08 Peach Passion, code 10 Lover's Blush, code 02 Pink Kiss. The other one is a bronzer in the shade 02 Medium. Yup that means i dont have to buy bronzer anymore!! (for some reason i never bought any bronzer before, this is the first and probably the last one) Can I update the swatches later on another blog post? Pls say yes! 

Thanks for reading!

NS xx

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