The Crazy Cat Lady

If you're reading this, I believe you already know my name (the blog title, duh). You can call me Nisa or Sasya. Some of my friends call me Syakila, Kila, etc..i dont mind tho, really. Well, if you're wondering where in the world 'Sasya' is derived from, it's actually ---> Nisa Syakila. Get me? Yes. My mum is so creative - hence, the name.

I was born on June 27th. I'm a proud Johorean, both of my parents are. I enjoy reading, writing, painting, swimming during my leisure time. Actually there's so much more (enjoying my life to the max - i guess). I hope I can include eating lol. I also loveeee make-up so much. I'll be doing some make-up tutorials soon, in this blog - if i got free time. Idk I just do what I love. I love travelling, I mean, who doesn't? so basically beauty, travel, and life memories are what this blog is all about. And Oh, I also love baking. I'll put up mum's best recipes in this blog soon. Sooooon!

Not sure if you wanna know about my academic background, but lemme just tell you. I graduated from SM Sains Kota Tinggi (SAKTI). Yup, boarding school <insert crying clip here>. Alhamdulillah I got 8A's in my PMR and 9A's in my SPM. Then, Asasi at Pusat Asasi Sains Universiti Malaya (PASUM). After about a month I secured a scholarship so I quitted PASUM. I did a Pre-Medical Course in Penang for a year anddd lastly here I am at Newcastle University. (Well, I'm still hoping that one fine day Hedwig will fly into my window and send me an offer letter from Hogwarts). Wish me luck!

Anyway, I often have this sense that any day now, everything in my life is going to fall into place and run smoothly and hooray! I'll have somehow figured out this whole 'life' bussiness. But off course, my life never ever goes like that. As soon as one thing sorts itself out, something else totally falls out of whack, and I am chasing my tail again. If you're a very calm, sorted person, I envy you. But if you're more like me, well, you might really enjoy this blog. 

Very warmest wishes,
Nisa Syakila xx

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